Who Is Dhahabu Bellard?

Dhahabu-Bellard-1Reginald Bellard, known by his clients as “Dhahabu” (Dha-ha-bu), which means gold in Swahili also has the golden-touch as a professional masseur with formal training from the Institute of Phsyco-structural Balancing.

Dhahabu specializes in the area of Sports Massage and also practices Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, which opens tense joints and releases tension.

Dhahabu also performs neuromuscular re-education: a subtle massage that puts muscles in symmetry with the skeletal system as well as Trigger Point Therapy: which focuses on specific areas of muscle which helps to relieve tension.

As a child, Dhahabu was always fascinated with touch and the feel of various objects. He also expressed an early interest in the muscular and skeletal systems. His interests and education lead him to his current career as a massage therapist, servicing clients in Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D.C.

His clientele includes celebrities, professional athletes, lawyers, medical doctors and corporate managers. Dhahabu has provided services through many prestigious locations including Serenity Medi Spa, Life Well Institute, Courtyard Wellness & Chiropractic Care.

Dhahabu has provided massage therapy to such eents as “Ladies Night Out”, sponsored by 92.3 Jams Radio Station in Los Angeles and also worked with KJLH Radio Station’s sponsored community events as well as Agape’s Spiritual Retreats, African Market Place Health Pailion and Long Beach Marathon.

Dhahabu also holds group massage sessions where friends and family members can share in the therapeutic benefits of massage.

Dhahabu’s entrepreneurial spirit has lead him to create his personalized “Right Touch Mobile Massage”, which allows him to bring his services to his client’s homes and offices.

Dhahabu continues to educate himself in sports medicine and seeks to expand his services to include athletic teams, network studios and companies seeking to provide health and balance to their employees.

2014 promises to be a great year for the man with the golden touch, better yet, The Right Touch!