Client Testimonials

“Thank you Dahabu for answering my call Sat 10/5, showing up, helping me with the groin pain that had me limping. The exercises you gave me to do are working, and of course the massage relieved the pain. Thanks again for coming to the rescue after cheerleader practice.”

– Bunny

“Dahabu has been my massage therapist for over 7 Years he’s helped me recover greatly from reoccurring sciatic. He’s has healing hands and is very knowledgeable on natural solutions to help me recover totally. He’s God sent, a true blessing.”

– Chelbi

“In early January of last year, I was awakened by a really stiff neck with pain in the left side of my upper neck, right below nape of scalp.  

It was very tender and painful to the touch and caused severe
pain to the left side of my head and temple. During that week, the
stiffness loosened, however the headaches became severe and

There was rarely a break in the pain and when there was
it lasted maybe a minute. It was very hard to sleep at night.
This went on 8 days straight. Even after a visit to my physician, who advised I go to the ER for a CT scan.

After going to the ER, my CT scan came back normal and I was prescribed Vicadin and Ibuprofen, which neither worked. The Vicadin made my head hurt worse so I only took it once. The Ibuprofen didn’t work at all and it made me nauseous.

Unfortunately, I experienced this pain for another month. It wasn’t until the middle of February that a friend referred me to Dahabu. I was reluctant because I had already been to the ER and a chiropractor with no results.  

So of course I felt whatever relief I would get would be temporary. I must say that after my session with Dahabu, I
felt 85% better right away, compared to excruciating pain prior.  Not only did he give a wonderful massage, he also educated me on what causes certain pain and also referred pain.

I was concerned the pain would return the next day and it would start all over again once my muscles weren’t relaxed anymore.  The next 2 days after my session with Dahabu, I had tolerable pain in the back of my head, which felt wonderful compared to the weeks leading up.  

After those 2 days, the pain was completely gone. Mind you, this is WITHOUT taking any pain medication. Whatever he has going on in those hands of his is a Gift from a higher being, because he definitely took away a burden that consumed my New Year.”

– Teela Starks